As a Christian Nurse Midwife for many years, Marianne Manley RN, CNM would like to pass on the knowledge that God has given her to women all around the world.

God’s Secret A Primer with Pictures for How to Rightly Divide the Word of Truth

The long war between God and Satan is the major theme of this book. God’s brilliant military strategy will become obvious. God had a SECRET. His own Son was the strategic weapon by which the all-wise God won back both heaven and earth from His adversary, Satan. Other themes include Israel to be a CHANNEL OF BLESSING to the Gentiles, the distinctive ministry of the Apostle Paul, and the kingdom of God. The Lord Jesus Christ is the Hero of His-story as revealed in the Holy Scriptures by His spokesmen. Believers have a part in His plan. Available on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle. Please take a free “Look Inside.”

2017-04-07 God's Secret - Front Cover

God’s Secret, A Primer with Pictures for How to Rightly Divide the Word of Truth

Hid in God from before the foundation of the earth, was a SECRET that no one knew until it was “due time” to reveal it. This book is a panoramic overview of the Bible (in about 100 pages) using verses from the King James Bible and pictures, to demonstrate God’s dealings with mankind in the past, present, and future, while at the same time demonstrating how to “rightly divide the word of truth” (2 Tim. 2:15).

It is not only important to be biblical, but also to be dispensational; to not only know what God is saying, but to whom, when, in what context, and what instructions God is dealing out at that time.

This book is organized in as simple a way as possible to help the reader understand how to rightly divide their Bible; to see at a glance not only what God is saying in His word, but where it belongs in time- past, present, or future.

The long war between God and Satan is a sub-theme. God’s brilliant military strategy will become obvious. By simply keeping a SECRET, the all wise God won back both heaven and the earth from His adversary, Satan. Other recurring sub-themes are: Israel to be a CHANNEL OF BLESSING to the Gentiles, and the promised kingdom.

No other book is as exciting as the Bible. In it we learn God’s plan and purpose. What He has done, is doing, and will do. If we really want to know what is going on, it is more important to consult the Bible than the newspaper. Because there is power in God’s word, many verses from the KJB are quoted. This book is only a “primer” to assist the reader to understand the Bible better when they read the entire Bible.

Please do not get discouraged if you do not understand everything right away. I pray that everything will become clear to you as you read on. Then you can go back to the unclear part again and understand it better. This book is also designed to be a tool for the body of Christ members to share right division with loved their ones.

Are you ready to discover the mystery of God’s SECRET? Rom. 16:25 . . . the revelation of the MYSTERY, which was kept SECRET since the world began.

This is my (Marianne Manley) newest and best book. It is available on amazon in paperback, and on Kindle. I hope many of you will order it and be blessed by it.

This book is an overview of the Bible in about 100 pages. It is organized into three sections – Past, Present, and Future. The Bible verses help the reader to know what God is saying, not this writer. Discover God’s brilliant military strategy, keeping a SECRET, and His wise plan for the inhabitants of heaven and earth.


2017-04-07 God's Secret - Front Cover




Little Things I Do to Make My Husband Happy Besides the Obvious


pray with him

listen to the Bible on CD with him

keep the house clean and tidy

have fresh cold cut watermelon in the fridge for him

have his meals ready on time

exercise together, walk, swim, kayak

weekly date night

thank him for so diligently providing for us

I try to say one respectful, grateful, or admiring thing each day

affectionate touches, kisses and smiles

Remind him that I love him, think he’s kind, gentle, and special

Preparing your tub at home for a home birth or just help in labor.


Clean the tub (a few weeks before the birth) by filling it with water and pouring 1 cup of bleach into it (bleach kills most bacteria including MRSA, and HIV), then let it stand full over night. Drain and rinse the next day. The tub is now ready. It does not have to be sterile, just clean. You will be colonized to your own home environment bacteria, and so will the baby soon after birth.

Have wash cloths and a plastic cup ready for the birth. Cover your pregnant tummy with the washcloth and then pour warm water on the wash cloth during the contraction. Many women find that very soothing. Bath pillows, hand shower, candles and a space heater also come in handy.

Hyper-ventilating in Labor

Midwife Tip

It is very common to hyperventilate while breathing through the contractions in labor resulting in a feeling of tingling in the hands and light headedness. The best way to counteract this is to re-breath your own breath by placing a small paper bag in front of your mouth or simply cupping your hands over your mouth and rebreathing your own CO2 (carbon dioxide) rich breath. This will quickly help the mom to feel better and remove the symptoms of hyperventilation.

Remember a good way to minimize pain naturally in labor is to breath slowly several times during the uterine contractions in through the nose (to moisten the inhaled air) and then slowly breath out through the mouth while pursing the lips. The slow breathing can help the laboring woman to relax, and relaxing during the contraction lowers the pain level. Sometimes just reminding the mom to slow her breathing is enough to prevent hyperventilation, laboring in water and massage with essential oils succh as Eucolyptus or peppermint are also helpful.